Status Update: Some customers may be experiencing declines

We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with processing transactions, meaning some customers may experience a decline when attempting to make a payment. We understand that this is frustrating and we’re sorry about the inconvenience.

We will let you know as soon as the issue has been fixed. We recommend that you carry a backup card during this time.

To subscribe to text/email status alerts, visit the Curve Status page here;

It’s a pity that on the page mentioned in the warning message all statuses read: Operational.
NB these statuses should be easily accessible from Curve app, too…

This is happening with rather high frequency recently, to the point whereby the USP of Curve isn’t being delivered and carrying additional cards is a necessity.

What is going wrong and what are Curve doing to prevent these?

You already can view these! On the Help section, there is a “Live System Status” option. If you access that, you’ll be able to see it!

Incident Resolved!

Between 12:31 to 13:26 UTC, we experienced a disruption to our service, which caused some of our customers to receive declines when making payments. This issue has now been fixed and transactions are being processed as normal. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.