Stickers with cards

Had a new Monese card through (trying to win a 1,000,000 avios points) and with the card (cheapo card, hurray for curve metal) were two small Monese stickers… a little like the apple stickers your get with an iPhone… I’d really like one for curve, like when you get the card, if happy put a curve sticker on my laptop… and talk to anyone that asks what it is (I’ve not stuck the Monese sticker on!)

I think its great idea.

When I received my replacement card (because of the priceless leak) there were also two Curve stickers in the envelope. Thx Curve!

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I got them with my card.

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Metal card or plastic one?

Curve blue (plastic)

I can confirm that my Curve Blue card came with two stickers after the Mastercard incident. It would be nice if that was the case for every card issued since then. I will update this post after my investor card arrives. You can check out the stickers on the attached photo below.


That’s what I have :+1: They’re not cheap stickers either (clear backed once you peel the white paper off)

I hope the investor cards come in a nice package too.

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They look great!