Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules

is this feature in the roadmap @Curve_Marie ?
In other to use Curve more, it is a needed feature, “Go Back in Time” fixes when transactions go to the wrong card.


A solution could be virtual cards, like Revolut has. You can create a “virtual card” in the app that is used only for online payments, and it’s linked to a specific card. Same as the physical card, but only for online payments.

Then…we might as well use our bank issued cards in the first place.

Not really. For instance, I use card A most of the time (personal, EUR based), but a few times a month I pay in subscriptions online in USD (Mailchimp). I’d like to use another card, card B (business, also EUR based) but taking advantage of the low FX rates of Curve. Using the original card costs me 4% in FX rates, and using it via Paypal costs me about 4% too. But I only do two or three payments like that a month.

Good ideas, i would like than the Curve App could creating the virtual cards useful for your payments, for example “Card A” use for subscriptions , “Card B” for general payments or others


I was thinking it’s possible to assign one movement to one card, like recurring payments with Netflix.

Yes… I pay Netflix with another currency to get it cheaper haha, and I’d like to assign that movement to one of my cards for the future same movements.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, can you guys from curve make it Real? Here is the Suggestion. For example ive USD and EUR cards in curve and sometimes i pay in both currencies. Can you do some automatic switch between cards if i pay with EUR it will automatic check out from the EUR card and if i pay with USD from USD card? Switching all the time between cards really annoying… Ty!

It would make sense that after you move a transaction with GBiT you’re asked if you always want transactions from that MCC/category or merchant or currency to go to the card you moved the payment to. This in addition to a separate place to create and manage smart rules, of course.

cc @Curve_Marie


a sort of “shortcut to create rules”? I like the idea :+1:t3:

I would really love to have this along with some IFTTT integration with Curve, that would be brill!

To add to this, I would definitely use my Curve card more if I could do the following:

  • Set a specific card to charge for in-store purchases
  • Set a specific card to charge for online purchases
  • Set a specific card to charge for certain merchants

At the moment, I’m primarily using Curve for online subscriptions so I can keep in the know with notifications on what I am being charged for - I rarely use it in-store because I’m too lazy to change the card charged or I don’t have access to my phone at the time. If this functionality was to be added it, it would really encourage me to use Curve me and give even great benefits too!


Voted, great idea

Any news?
Here 4 month later

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, for example, you could pick Netflix to be paid from a specific card that is not necessarily the default one at that point in time? :slight_smile:
You can manually do that with Back In Time, but a way to pick a per-vendor-card would be a great way forward :slight_smile:

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You can already vote for that here:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, not yet

It would be the greatest feature in a long time

To be able to set

Netflix card 1
Phone bill card 3
Internet card 3

Just an example


Just to add my use case, since I couldn’t see it being covered earlier.

I often travel to another country for business for several weeks at a time, and use a local currency credit card that I have activated on my Curve during my stay there.
However, during this period, when my recurring subscriptions from home country get charged, they get charged to this temporary “local currency credit card”, which I would not want.

Thus this feature of rule-based transaction would be very important for me.


I want to use my curve for private and business trips as well. 90% of my Hotel payments are going to my business credit card. It would be great if I could define for hotel payments an automatic charge (as example) against business card without any need to choose and enable the business card in advance in App.
Example my private card is is default, in App-Config I defined a category of charges which are going to a specific target card: here I said hotel charges always going to card X while all other go to Y

I am asking for a feature where I can define in Curve App a value range of payments which are routed to a dedicated funding card.
Example: Bigger payments, eg. 100€ and higher always go to my Visa Credit card (as it has an installment payment plan and I can collect rewards) while the micropayments (for just a cup of coffee) always go to the MasterCard debit. If I could define in curve app the value ranges where those payments should be routed to would be cool - that would reduce the need to switch the card in app in advance of payment