Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules

While I support this idea (sticky transactions), everyone seems to have his own set of specific requirements for the “rules” they’d like to be able to set. And if everyone was to be pleased, this would probably be a mess to configure in the app (and/or take a while before - if ever- reaching feature completeness).

Why not enable users to to do it their way by providing a callback mechanism (also known as a webhook) to let Curve know which card should be billed on a per transaction basis ?

Geeks would be quick to set it up to their own requirements, and some would probably setup one or more websites to let others do their own configurations.

For instance :

  • I provide Curve with my very own callback URL :
  • when a transaction is processed by Curve, the URL is called with the appropriate parameters : curve card number (maybe partial, or some id, whatever is PCIDSS compliant), merchant name, amount…
  • my own server would reply with the identifier of the card to use and Curve would process the transaction on that card
  • if for whatever reason my server times out (after 500ms or so), or the reply is invalid, or whatever, Curve would just process the transaction as usual on the default card.

It doesn’t look very complex to me as that wouldn’t even require a complex auth mechanism since Curve would be the one initiating the call. And it would be a giant leap in terms of features !

Of and while we’re there, adding another “transaction complete” callback would be nice too !

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Still hesitating to subscribe to Curve, as I’m not comfortable to go on the app each time I need to change the card.
This feature will definitely be the solution to be more easy to use.

@Curve_Marie any news about this feature? Is it in the roadmap for next evolution?


If you end up paying with the wrong card you can use the Go Back In Time feature to move the transaction :smile:

There’s not an update to share at the moment.

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Wrong answer unfortunately.
Using the Go Back In Time is too complicated in case of recurring payment.

I know the app has the functionality to retrospectively change the card use but I think the ability to do this preemptively.or automate the retrospective card assignment it would be a good addition

For example for the majority of my transactions I use a joint card but for certain retailers I use a different rewards card. If you could specify the app to assign cards based on these parameters when it processes the transaction it would be very handy

This is best idea for using Curve Card! Curve card can became first smart card, it could support:

  • Rule how to proceed subscriptions. Netflix will be deducted from Card no 1, Spotify from Card no 2.
  • Rule based on location - at home disable card, when leavig home enable and swich to different one when going inside Tesco, switch to different when you are leaving your home country.
  • Rule based on time - disable card at night, enable in the morning.
  • Category rule - eg. In the morning Tesco transaction would be always Food & Drink but afternoon Groceries.
  • Shortcut support in Android (pressing long on icon is letting change card like in Google Pay) would let do some automation with Tasker application or use touch unlock shortcuts. It would be nice too.
  • Generaly everything can be done if Curve would release their API, then 3rd party application would be able to control actions. Just needed turn on/off card and switching. Then we would be able to have Alexa Skills or Google Assistants Routines. Google Assistant would to do some changes in our card selection or disabling card. Maybe even informing at home that card has been used (broadcast option).
    And I hope Curve Card will become first smart card… sooner or later. :grin: