Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments) & Smart Transactions/Rules

Yeah, definitely needed. Just the other day I was pondering using Curve some some subscription service and in the end I used my normal card to make sure that the payment would go to this card and there won’t be way to many currency changes…


Please can we have a feature where there is a default card for Cash Withdrawal? Sometimes I would like to use my Curve card as an ATM card, but that is tagged to my CC which charges cash advance fee. Even after I reversed my transaction with Go back in time, the cash advance fee seems to stay in the CC.

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So, still no news on smart MCC routing?

Suppose I have three cards. One gives good cashback on restaurants, one on gas, one on groceries. I’d love to add all three to Curve and assign a bunch of MCCs to each (or at least - categories).

So when I’m paying for gas with Curve, the correct card gets charged automatically.

It’s been asked over and over again, but I can find no replies from Curve.