Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments/subscriptions) & Smart Transactions/Rules

One of the main reasons I don’t tend to use my Curve online is the majority of my online transactions aren’t one-off purchases but subscriptions. In these cases, I don’t control when the billing event will occur, so if I want to direct the charge to a particular card, I have to either hope the right card is selected in the app when the subscription billing event occurs, or remap each transaction with time machine after the event.

It would be awesome if you could tie a particular merchant ID to a particular card, ensuring that if it was something like a subscription, it always targeted the intended card, regardless of the one selected in the app at the time the billing event occurred.


Oh this sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

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Genius idea Alex :+1:t2: @ahibbitt

When a recurring payment next comes through, the card which have selected in the app at that time will be charged.


work on a feature which would allow to select a specific card that would be charged whenever a charge from a particular merchant comes through :slight_smile:


Great Idea !
In my mind, I think that curve is design to it use for real physical payments.
For internet or other recurrent subscriptions, I use directly my original bank card.
But the idea to map specific recurrent transaction to a specific card automatically sounds good.

(sorry for my english)

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A thumbs up from me. This would be a great feature. Curve is great for internet transactions denominated in other currencies, but you’re right, what if you’ve switched cards but want to continue having a regular subscription going to a different card?
Of course sometimes I use my Curve because I churn the underlying card for signup bonuses. So we’d need to be able to choose whether to use a regular card or whatever we have selected at the time the regular payment is debited.

Heh - card churn was the motivator for me too, @colinje! Great minds! :grin:

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It is a great idea.

I am not sure how difficult will be to also add a limit for those subscriptions. For example: Netflix only 20€/month, spotify only 12€/month, itunes 10€/month, and so on.

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I emailed Curve previously with a similar idea. I use my Curve card for all my journeys in London with Transport for London, it would be great to be able to pin those to my business card so if I accidentally leave the app on the wonrg card the transaction ends up on the right one.


This is the main thing that I feel is missing from the Curve card and as this thread shows, there are many different use cases for this feature – and with American Express now on the way and appearing to not support Time Machine, it becomes even more important to ensure that recurring payments etc. do not accidently get taken from the wrong card.


Yes! This would be incredibly useful. :slight_smile:

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Suggestion - support multiple payment cards for specific merchants / MCCs. An obvious example would be to have a card for ATM withdrawals (debit) and another card for everything else. Other use cases would be a card for business expenses (e.g. wholesale store) where you only ever want to pay on a specific card. Rules base avoids issues where you have no data coverage and can’t access the Curve app. For my use case if I could link ATM to a specific card I could genuinely use Curve as one card to rule them all!


Absolutely agree, but I think this is covered by and should probably be merged with it…

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Agree completely, @Marie please can you merge my suggestion with the thread linked to be Tom. It’s an extension of the idea in the other thread and a transaction based card preference would be great.

Of course :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads-up!

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I completely agree! For me, the use case is that I eat lunch every day at work and want to pay that with my private card. Most other purchases I make with my joint card with my partner. So I don’t want to bring up my phone twice a a day to make the change.

Please make this change! Otherwise your doing a great job!

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Same here but could you do a limit with money. i.e less than £100 goes on debit card. Over £100 goes on credit card. I know you can refund so that covers some. But that would be nice too as I normally do big one off transactions on credit but everyday stuff on debit cards. Any ideas if this is possible?


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We will investigate different “smart rules” you can set up. This is great food for thought - thanks!


This is a great idea, i currently have to go “back in time” (Not actually back in time, use the feature) to move the transactions at the moment, while fine is a bit of a long winded way. Sticky Transactions to a specific card would be much better. Fingers Crossed!


I’d really like to be able to have curve automatically switch card based on simple rules I define. For example on the weekdays all of my transport and food spending is on my business card, whereas everything on the weekends is on my personal card. This avoid having to switch cards manually.

In the case of an undefined transaction, it would just charge to the default card.

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