Sticky Transactions (Recurring Payments/subscriptions) & Smart Transactions/Rules

Can a card be configured to mark as “business” by default all expenses done with it? That would spare me to manually mark as business all the payments I do with my business card …


Curve app don’t have that option.

Not a feature at present but have moved to this thread of how ‘smart rules’ may be applied to transactions - feel free to add your vote!


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I came by an idea, when I use curve for some situations.
One of my creditcards I use with curve, I use for every single purchase. But I have an fee on the card, whenever I want to withdraw money from an ATM with it.
My other creditcard I use with curve I only use for ATM withdraws. Everytime I withdraw money I need to switch the card in the curve app.
Wouldn’t it be cool, if there is an feature like “automatic using card 1 or card 2 for this and this type of categories”?
I would be happy about if, because by now I need to get in the app and switch the cards everytime.

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I like your idea, voted :wink:


Hey @Someone :wave: Welcome to our community! :grin:

I also like your idea :raised_hands: I know we have plans that will allow you to select a payment card to be charged from for certain categories of transactions. No timeline on this yet but I’ve passed on your feedback to our product team to make sure they consider ATM withdrawals too :+1:


Hi guys, nice work with Curve (love it :smiley: )

It would be great if curve allowed the definition of simple rules that would enable the automatic selection of the payment Card depending on the payment type,

e.g. Card A for Grocery payments,
Card B for Shopping,
Selected Card on Wallet for the remain categories.

This would enable the users not to have to change on the App between payments and possibly not use the Back In Time so often.

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You can vote for that here:

Hi, thank you, Done :+1:

Would love the ability to send certain purchases to certain cards automatically, such as all Vodafone payments or Netflix payments to my NatWest card, even if my Monzo card is selected in the app. Would help with joint bills etc!

You can vote for that idea here:

It would be good so that I can see up a set of rules so that when I make a purchase using my Curve card the rule will be applied and the correct underlying card will be charged as appropriate.

Of course, I can use the ‘back in time’ feature to change to another card should I so wish.

Welcome to the community :wave:t2:

You can already vote for that here:

It’s soooo strange that this option isn’t available for now…
How can I manage my visa/MC cards transacations if f.e. Spotify will use another card (= the active Curve card) each month?

I was google HOW and IF curve can do this. And come across this post.

We DEFINITELY want and need this feature please!!

@Marie did I dream that Curve mentioned this somewhere (either in a newsletter mail, or maybe in the crowdcube investor documents?)

I would agree that this would be a great addition as it would also mean you could have the right rewards credit card for the right transaction type (e.g. Tesco credit card in Tesco, Sainsburys/Nectar in Sainsburys etc etc)

To add another use case for smart rules, I have a few different reward credit cards, and it would be awesome if I could just use my Curve card and have it select the card that will yield maximum rewards based on rules I can configure.

E.g. I have a Sainsbury’s credit card, and it would be very handy if it could switch to that whenever I am shopping at Sainsbury’s. Especially once Apple Pay support goes live, and I can use it contactless without a limit!

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It’s entirely possible that we are doing customer research on the topic :slight_smile:


is this feature in the roadmap @Marie ?
In other to use Curve more, it is a needed feature, “Go Back in Time” fixes when transactions go to the wrong card.


A solution could be virtual cards, like Revolut has. You can create a “virtual card” in the app that is used only for online payments, and it’s linked to a specific card. Same as the physical card, but only for online payments.