Still waiting on support for more than 2 weeks

Just over 2 weeks ago my new curve metal card started to get refused as it claimed I had hit my limit. I contacted Support and sent them the relevant documents they required. Since then I’ve heard nothing. No messages are being responded to and there is no sign of the premium support I was promised when signing up for metal.
I will soon be over a month without use of a card I’m paying 15 euros a month for.

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Hey @owensheehan, welcome to the community! :grinning:

Sorry to hear this, the support team has a high volume of tickets at the moment.

Please, drop a Tweet to AskCurve, so they can take a look!

Have a nice day

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@Mattia, Quick question - what about those that don’t use Twitter, etc.?

Hey @Mac,

Just a send an email to support :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have the exact same problem: hit the limit, asked for an id check, heard nothing from curve yet. My Curve card is basically unusable now because no transaction more than 3 euros can go through.

Reached out to @askcurve on twitter and they basically replied ‘we get back to you when we get back to you. We haven’t had the time for your case. You’ll hear from us when we do.’ Then they swiftly replied to my in-app support chat with the same words and then closed the ticket. Nothing can be done.

I’m only a free tier customer and I’m not asking much. I understand that with the kustomer switch going wrong, the support team is having a rough time. I’m sure curve people would want to help me as soon as possible if the situation allows. But I still want to say that a lot of people (like me) are seriously not able to use curve at all right now. I think Curve is bound to lose many customers with this huge usability issue, sadly.

Hey @xiaoming,

Have you tried to reach out again on Twitter and ask why your ticket has been closed?

The ticket getting closed is the one where I asked if they have further information after me completing the ID check. And they replied that I’ll hear from them when they do. So it’s been closed.

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked.

Try asking for more details on Twitter is the only thing I can recommend.

Thanks man I’ll try. I hope it works

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I asked on twitter again yesterday and they lifted the limit for me today. I can use my curve card again!

Thanks for your advice


This is any good new. If you can’t handle high volume of tickets it’s mean app have serious bugs.

I also had problem with card limits