Stop Curve from asking me to upgrade

Hi, every time I open the Curve app, I get a message taking up half of my screen which says that my cashback has expired and that I need to upgrade to Metal if I want to get cashback again.
How do I stop getting this message? It’s really annoying.



Totally agree!

Sounds annoying. Never bothered setting up cashback and I just get a pop-up when I go to my Curve Cash…

Does it explicitly tell you you have to get Metal - since you could get it with Black that would be very naughty depending on the wording…

Its same behaviour for me on android version. But I think there is some kind of algorithm. If you choose “Cancel” few times, message does not show up anymore.

It’s as @moon says, if you dismiss it a few times it will go away. We’ll take your feedback onboard, thank you for posting