Stopped using Curve. Because they still owe me money

Recently I was reminded by an ATM receipt that I still have not gotten a response from Curve for almost 6 months to resolve a gazillion issues.

After bumping into another user’s feedback here I felt it was time to share my own reasons. Similar to his experience.

  1. Customer service: Zero.

  2. Referring to his point number 4 in his point. Similar happened to me. I made a cash withdrawal and I still have received back my 250 USD from Curve. Card has been debited, no money came out. Bank verified that they have no disrepancies and it’s Curve’s fault to refund this since I am out of pocket 250 USD-ish.

  3. The endless discussion from last year up to April back and forth about the fact that I am currently abroad and not in the EU, and they decided to cancel/block my curve card when I have TWO RESIDENCES. One in the UK, one in Taiwan.

We went to Taiwan (my wife is Taiwanese) 2 months before the pandemic hit, and due to circumstances, we were not planning to go back soon since it was much safer here than Europe.
For a year I used Curve card in Taiwan without problem, until Curve decided to question this and started to block my card. And they give zero F’s about it.

  1. The fact that I was also addressing a problem with my premium metal subscription. Which I pointed out on THIS forum in public:

I noticed that Curve did not charge me for a whole year or premium, I reached out to them saying that they should and have to look into this issue, because if this happens to me, this is possible that other users are freerolling their subscription as well.
It took them 1 hour to respond and to charge what I was owed.
I was honest about this, reached out, they took my money and now I can’t use Curve for 6-8 months already.

I give up on Curve.
They owe me money, they do no respond and the fact that I am also unable to login (using password link by email that keeps giving errors) it’s a Titanic.

I want my money back from that withdrawal that was made on the 31st of May 2021.
It’s the principle that counts now.
You did a series of unacceptable events actions that are unjustifiable at this point.

I was always a big fan of Curve, I used it EVERYWHERE. until all this happened.


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