Store loyalty cards

When I first started using curve i added all my store loyalty cards, now they’ve gone from curve, so what happened curve?

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When did you start using Curve? I never had the option to add any other cards than MasterCard and VISA (and AmEx during a very short period). I am on Android.


When I got my card years ago you coukd scan store cards into app, they used to be in wallet could use retailer, then put card under SCANNER and it would register your purchase with.

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Nice. When was that? Must be way back. 2016?

The only thing I know is that it is not possible anymore to add loyalty cards to your Curve Wallet. But you can vote for it here:

And Curve might be thinking of reintroducing it since Curve sent me a survey a couple of months ago that was about the possibility to add loyalty cards to the Curve Wallet.

In the meantime, you might want to use Stocard. I find it’s the best loyalty card app. Because each card appears branded with the right logo, many retailers even think you’re using their own app (even if their own app doesn’t support their loyalty card).


Google Pay lets you store loyalty cards too - works for the main ones I use so I haven’t bothered installing another app to manage them (although I know Stocard does get good reviews)

For me the advantage of Stocard is that I can use Stocard for loyalty cards on my Smartwatch. GooglePay does work on my Smartwatch for payments, but it does not support loyalty cards on it.

Ah, fair enough. I had a smartwatch a few years ago but gave up on it, not allowed them at work anyway so wasn’t using it that much!

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Same! They’re working on something already, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

On iOS I use 1Wallet, unfortunately Stocard does not support Apple’s Wallet. If Curve would allow such a thing :thinking:

My issue with Google Pay is that it doesn’t differentiate cards of the same retailer for different countries, neither allows adding a custom label or description for the cards. There are 2-3 retailers I use in 2 countries, and they issue separate cards for each country. I can add all these cards, but they will look identical in Google Pay - same icon, same text. There’s no way to distinguish them.

In Stocard I can add my own descriptions, which appear at the bottom of the cards’ icons, so this way if I add the associated country’s name to a card, I will see at first sight, which card I need to use in a given shop.

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That’s not true. Stocard lets you add any card to Apple Wallet.

In the app it does not give me the opportunity to add cards on wallet :wink:

That’s not true. It does. When you have a card open (and the screen goes bright), tap on the 3 dots at the top right, and then “Add to Apple Wallet”.

Where is it?

I’ve just tested it with a few of my cards. It seems that adding to Apple Wallet is supported only for cards with a logo, but not all cards with logos. For example, it’s supported for UK cards Harrods, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Boots and Shell. For French cards, it’s supported for Carrefour, but not Auchan. All these cards have logos in Stocard.

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