Strange behaviour after reissuing card

So a couple of days back I requested a reissuing of my Curve Metal card in accordance of the announced availability of Spanish BINs. However, today, some strange behaviour happened, chronicled here:

  • I went to make a purchase in Amazon, and Amazon told me that it was denied, when the payment didn’t even go through to the app.
  • Puzzled, I went to check my card details in the app. For some reason, they had changed to another card, with the same UK BIN.
  • I decided to use that card, but before that, I decided to activate the card in Samsung Pay. However, this card was “already activated”, except that I had never seen the number before (although it was similar to the previous one).
  • So when I wanted to use that card in Amazon, it went through, and the purchase was declined.
  • As a last resort, I decided to “Activate” my card (which I have not received yet and won’t for like an extra week) with the last 4 numbers given by the app. And it went through and the app declared my card “Active”, eliminating the ETA for the card delivery.

So, in the end, it seems that 1) either my reissued card has the same BIN as my previous card (which was the entire purpose of the reissuing) and it changed in the app prematurely, or 2) there was a very strange mixup on Curve’s side, because Samsung Pay said the card was “already activated” (as I still had my old card there).

I’ll probably contact support about this, but has anyone any clue about what nonsense is happening here?