Strange declines tonight... Anyone else having issues?

Tried to make a purchase for 5.44 at Amazon, curve declined with suggestion I try a different underlying card ; however the underlying card has actually been debited. Tried again and same happened so now down 10.88 for however long it takes curve to return.

Screenshots attached.

Anyone else having issues?

i had a decline today morning (ATM), i had another afternoon (POS). in both cases response code was “insufficient funds”, however the underlying card has been debited

Interesting, have contacted support so let’s see what they say…

Got a decline this morning when paying a cable bill. No push notification at all from Curve, no message in the app either.

Tried again (with the same underlying card) a few minutes later and it went through.

Probably just a glitch.

I’ve not had any declines recently apart from on one card, which seems to be due to Curve changing the MCC they pass through.

The transactions on the underlying card haven’t been debited yet, they are still pending (clock icon; but open the transaction, it should say Pending). They will be probably cancelled automatically after a few days.

I understand this, however Curve’s reason for the decline in app was that the underlying card was declined, this is clearly not the case.

Now had a transaction made slightly before and which was successful debited for a second time from my underlying card, so a further 25 out of pocket.

Yes I know, clearly something went wrong. Might be a temporary glitch or a bigger technical issue, who knows.

I’m just saying you haven’t lost any money while that transaction is still in pending status, as normally it won’t be claimed by anyone and will be automatically cancelled after a few days.

Hey guys! Sorry for missing this topic. I’ve looked into this and you’re right, there was a slight technical issue which caused a some declines a few days ago.

The issue was fixed as soon as it was noticed but if you’re still experiencing declines then pop a message to our support team and they can double check your account :blush:

Thanks Hannah. I had two declines that actually went through on the underlying card and one transaction that was not declined but which was debited twice from the underlying card. Both on transactions from early evening Tuesday.

Reversals / refunds were actioned by support on Thursday and hit on Friday, so not too bad.

Let’s hope I was just unlucky…

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It seems that when I use my curve card connect to my MBNA all transactions are denied whether used for online or terminal payments. It’s now annoying as an investor I expect a better service

I’ve not had any issues using Curve with MBNA as the underlying card. Might be worth contacting support to ensure no issues? I take it charging MBNA directly works OK? (just to rule out any issues with a security block on the underlying card)

Strange… Likewise MBNA works fine for me… Might be worth contacting them direct?

Yeah I’ve had duplicate charges today with Amazon. It’s getting to the point now where I’m going to stop using curve and cancel my metal subscription over these issues.

i used my card only about 10 times in december, my decline rate is 50% out of these 10 transactions. something very bad happened since the first day of december

new national (hungarian) BIN cards are unusable, our national forums are full with complaints about declined transactions

i loved curve until i replaced my old UK BIN card, since then curve is in downfall. i cannot use go back in time because of an unacceptable currency issue, but you can say it doesn’t really matter because almost all of my transactions are declined

i’ve asked curve multiple times to (re)issue me an old UK BIN card, this is the only and last chance for curve. @Hannah @Kandice please do your best and help me, i would like to have the old curve experience back

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