Strange difference between prepaid-beta and debit

Used to withdraw cash with prepaid-beta, always was warned that a charge of €1.80 could potentially be made by ‘your bank’, but it never was, even after the MCC forwarding was in effect. Today tried it with my new debit card - the wording by the ATM changed, it now says I will be charged €1.80 by this ATM. And I was. Any ideas?

Where was the ATM? Some (especially in motorway services) are privately run and charge whatever card you use. I have never seen message quoting an exact amount on any other type of ATM (i.e. bank ones) normally its a vague “you may be charged by your card provider”!

Barcelona, Sabadel bank. I’t the exact same machine I use all the time.

Apologies Eugene, being British I only considered our system here :wink:

@bogorad I have the save issue. Before I could withdraw in any Spanish ATM except banco popular and Santander, but with the new card, it always charges me no matter which ATM I use.

Curve doesn’t seem cool anymore. All least for Spain

Anyone from Curve care to comment? Why has it gotten worse??

By worse do you mean that the ATM charged you the amount they told you they would charge?

By worth, he means that there is difference between the message “potentially charged by his bank and it never happened” and “will be charged by his bank and it happened”
I think…

We haven’t made any changes in using your Curve at an ATM. In other words: we do not charge the said €1.80. Customer Support can investigate and provide more information on the transaction. You can find more information about using your Curve at ATMs here:

Marie, I all honesty that doesn’t really help. If previosly there was no charge and now (suddenly) there is a charge, something has changed.

Is the card being seen (by the ATM machine) as being different than before? Maybe a credit card rather than a debit card? When do Spanish ATM’s charge people for withdrawing? As I have said previously in the UK it is only private ATM’s that do this, normal bank ATMs do not.

Bogorad. Has anything changed at your bank, have they suddenly started charging unrelated to Curve? What about trying a different bank to see if they charge as well?

The change that’s described here is using a debit card rather than a prepaid card. We haven’t added any extra fees to the debit card and are not charging for the cash withdrawal. Customer Support can have a look into the transaction and tell you what exactly is going on.

We are not a bank. During any transaction, we are registered as an ecommerce. The €1.8 is not a charge from Curve’s side.

I’m afraid @Curve_Marie is correct here. The ATM can tell the difference between pre-paid cards, debit cards and credit cards. And this will depend on the ATM network the specific ATM you used is on. And the small charge is done on their end not at Curve’s.

So as now Curve only offer the debit card, and are/have phased out the prepaid card, this will be an issue worldwide on certain ATM which charge for debit card withdrawals and there is nothing Curve can do about it.

Unfortunately that is one side effect. A solution could be finding a prepaid card purely for cash withdrawals if it’s important to you? and you could even top this card up with your Curve card?