Strong Customer Authentication

Anyone from Curve can tell us what will happen after 14th Sept 2019 - Banks will start declining payments where SCA is not implemented - so i really dont want to have declined payments - more than already!!

Implementation of SCA has been delayed until 2021

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good to know

not sure why my bank keeps emailing me about this saying is happening Sept 14th


Banks can still implement it if they want - it’s the deadline that’s changed… and at quite a late stage so some will introduce it now as they had already planned for it

Might want to tell that to some of my cards.

I can no longer use them with Curve and have the use the actual card both online and in-store

An EU directive called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), to be adopted in the UK, was designed to cut this type of fraud.

Sounds like UK only

Only store can still refuse to take cards that don’t support

It’s an EU directive so has to be implemented in all EU countries - and the implementation period had been delayed/extended in them all.