Stuck at card verification

I’m trying to register to Curve with the iOS app, but I’m stuck at the card verification process.
First, I’ve tried to fill in the correct information of my card, but I was unable to proceed (Unable to add card or something like that). My card is expiring this month, but it’s still valid. I’ve tried to give 07/19 for expire date to try if that info is letting me proceed with the verification and it succeeded, but now I’m stuck at the “Your Card Needs To Be Verified” screen and since I gave wrong card info, I can’t proceed with the process. I get the “This card cannot be verified” popup, I can choose “Cancel” and “Try again”. Cancel closes the popup and I can verify the same card with the wrong info giving me the same popup over and over again (like the “Try again” button). Reinstalling the app doesn’t help, how should I give new card info??

Can you post a screenshot of this?

Does it let you cancel at all…?.

I think it’s already been covered by OP

Hi @Hungaroplan ! Welcome to the Community :blush: The Customer Support team has the expertise and system access to help you out. This is why we ask you in the Curve Community Code of Conduct to contact them with any queries about your Curve account, card and transactions.

I was able to add a different card on the Android version of the app, now I can login in the iOS app. After logging in, I can see that my Curve card order has been cancelled or declined for some reason. Tried to contact support 4 days ago, but still no answer. Is there any way to order the Curve card? This process is way too slow!

This is again something that our Customer support team can help you with and provide more information :slightly_smiling_face: Can you let us know if you have received a reply so far?

Yes, the support team successfully solved my problem, I’ve received the card.