Subscription Issue

I was using my Monzo account to pay for my metal subscription however after upgrading to Monzo Plus and re-entering my new card info, you cannot take the subscription… Tried to use one of the other cards linked to Curve and get an declined message when I enter the CVV and the back and click authorise eventhough this card is used for payment without issue on Curve. Any ideas?

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I’m currently on three months free metal subscription cause I can’t update card for subscription it keeps saying something is wrong try another card so I am waiting for fix I ain’t getting another new card from curve to downgrade and then upgrade I’m waiting for another solution

Hey @Jonny5 it’s best if you get in touch with our team about this. They can take a look at your account and see what the issue is.

Same situation with me! Was advised to just wait for it to be fixed…

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