Subscription suggestion for Metal for people who cannot access all benefits

A lot of people I know cannot use all the benefits offered with the Curve Metal card with the yearly subscription and will all cancel the subscriptions when it comes to renewals.

Non of the Insurance benefits is available for people 70 or over. The only benefit is Lounge Key and 6 cashback retailers perhaps a bit if convenience carrying only one card. There are many options when travelling abroad and the Curve card is not competitive in that respect.

Why not set up a new subscription tier for these people to keep them on board perhaps ? Anyone have any thoughts about how this suggestion can be taken forward for Curve to consider?


Agreed. I’d love to see a subscription option that enhanced the core Curve product, without any of the superfluous, unrelated add-ons like insurance.

For example, I’d pay for a subscription that included:

  • Unlimited foreign currency purchases at 0% markup
  • No weekend markup on FX
  • No fees for the “debit-fronted credit” service
  • More fee-free ATM usage
  • Amex usage, if Curve ever manage to reinstate that :man_shrugging:
  • Possibly metal card or cashback, but these I don’t particularly care about

As it is, the insurance just inflates the price without providing any value.


Even that is minimal

Great idea. Since the change to no longer give free use with HMRC on the standard card I’ve looked at the metal card but the add-ons don’t really help.
Lounge Key - thanks but I’ve already got a DragonPass with my bank account with 6 entries p.a. included.
Travel insurance - only covers me so my joint policy with my joint bank account is more useful.
Car excess insurance - good idea, but to only cover cars up to 25k is ridiculous - any car above mid-size probably not covered. If you’re upgraded you could be stuffed.

There must be a fair number of people who won’t or can’t benefit from the various add-ons. Is this a miss-selling issue in the making?