Subscriptions and ‘Go Back In Time’

In order to be fully able to use Curve with subscriptions, I sometime supspect that I might have to move the transaction in case it lands on the wrong card. How does this work in pracis, can I move it before it changes from ‘Pending’ to ‘Completed’? And if I move the transaction to another card, will it show up on the original card or be removed completely?

From memory, you can’t effect a GBIT whilst a transaction is pending. However, you have up to 13 days to switch.

The transaction doesn’t show on the original account.
(Happy to be corrected…:blush:).

It depends if the transaction has been posted to the original account. If it has, it’ll show as a charge followed by a refund. If you use GBiT soon after the transaction, though, the charge to the original card just won’t be posted, so that transaction will disappear from the original card.

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Yep, thought so…

But I didn’t know that :grin: