Sudden Issues Ordering via Tesco Grocery Online

Hi, I’ve had some trouble this week with ordering my grocery shopping online with Tesco. It’s not accepting my card (and it has done every week for the past 8 months), just flags up an error message stating “unable to take payment at the moment”. I’ve had this Sunday eve and since 5pm this afternoon. Tesco have investigated both times and have reported no issues their end. It took payment perfectly fine Monday morning though. I understand there has been some MasterCard downtime, but nothing is flagging up on the system status. Any one else? Missed my slot for delivery currently and did not want to use bank card as i won’t redeem my cashback. Thanks

Hey @JoshuaBoots!
Sorry to read that you are experiencing an issue ordering with Tesco. Our Customer Support team will be able to pinpoint what is going on and get you up and running. Please contact our Customer Support team in-app or via

Hi Liz, thanks, but I’ve sent 4 emails since 5pm yesterday as I’ve discovered I can’t use my card anywhere as it “failed” at Tesco and the Co-op whilst out and about today… I’m just waiting for a response! Thanks.

Thanks for letting me know! A member of our team will follow up shortly. :+1: