Sudden unexpected passcode reset?

Yesterday I opened Curve app and was surprised to see that app did not asked to enter PIN (passcode) as usual, but instead displayed screen which appears when you first install app. There was option “I already have account”, which I did choose, then entered my e-mail and was sent “magic link” to access app.

And now, when I open Curve app it does not ask any PIN at all anymore. I can access app without PIN (even when phone was switched off during night).

Checking app settings I saw that app showed that passcode was not set at all (even though it was before). I created new one, and now app asks me to enter it. Which is what I want.

Question remains, why passcode was gone and I had to enter email / access app via magic link ? Is it intended to be so from time to time or is it a bug? I have not changed mobile device or done any upgrade to android version etc.

Did anyone experienced same behavior?


I did… :slight_smile:

Here as well, but had this already Friday evening.

Same for me :thinking:

My passcode was not reset

Same had to login again and reconfigure the passcode etc as if I was installing the app for the first time. Before this occurred, the app had got stuck on the Curve logo and would not go any further for sometime.

Same issue here for me - went to use app and found I was logged out.

Had to request magic link to email, logged back in, PIN had gone, had to re-enable fingerprint authorisation.

Using Android - are others the same or iOS? Have emailed support too.

Android here. To be honest it’s not the first times it’s happened to me so I didn’t even think of it as a problem.

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Had a reply from support now - would have been good if customers had been notified of this!

We are aware of the fact that customers were logged out and were made to log back in. This was an operation done by us for your security- we’re sorry if this was an inconvenience.

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Surely security operation would be to get users to reset their passwords, not just logout and login again. :smiley:


To setup your passcode again after you were logged out. Wallet -> Profile -> Create passcode.

Same here cannot even log in via my fingerprint like I used too even though it’s activated.

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Same here last week. Since then my curve card died. No Paypass, no SWIPE, No Chipset pay were possible.
So, I was not able to pay in any mode. Card was not recognized by any terminal!!!
Card replecement is on the way, but I’m not sure that will solve the problem

@markeldridge.eldridg try setting up an app pass code too, biometrics only work if both are set up. It’s a know issue that we’re working on.

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@nicb there’s also a bug with dark mode when the app reset with the passcode issue. It said it was in dark mode but still light. Had to switch the menu option back to light (restarting app, no visual change otherwise), then switch back to dark to re-enable it.

Card carousel bug back too, remains spun to the far side past the Curve Cash card rather than on the default one. This regression sadly keeps reappearing.


@ediflyer Thanks for the feedback, really helpful. Out of interest what version of Android are you running?

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Android 9 (OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS 9.0.9)


Yes same here asking for the magic link each time and it had switched cards to pay with the wrong one not the one I usually pay with. Did not notice that until card got declined for a £3 purchase in a major store.

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same problem here too. Except I am still unable to log in into the app, since after receiving the magic link it continues to say ~website not found :thinking:

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Just checking…did you click on the Magic Link on the smartphone on which you have the Curve app installed? Magic link will not work if clicked on desktop, laptop or different smartphone than the one you have the Curve app installed on.
If clicked on the the Magic Link on the correct smartphone the link should open in the Curve app and not in your phone’s browser.

Also see the topic below: