Suddenly BETA

Just installed iOS version 3.11.0 from the Apple App Store and now my app badge says BETA. It’s never said it before.

Any idea?

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Curve you recognised the bug.

I see you have released another update 3.11.1 and the problem still exists. The icon is still showing as BETA.

Me too! My icon has chnaged to Beta this morning also. I opened the app but can’t see anything different in there?!

You have already released an update this morning 30.11.1 and it still shows BETA.

Hi @Pagemakers,

Thank you for reporting the issue.
Would you mind giving it another try by deleting and reinstalling the app, and let us know if you still experience the issue? Because we checked this from our side and 3.11.1 shows the normal icon to us.

Many thanks

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Hi @CymruDad,

There shouldn’t be any difference but only except the icon.
Our latest release v3.11.1 should get the issue fixed. But please let us know if you still experience the issue?

Many thanks

If I delete and re-install will I lose anything eg, Apple Pay etc.

I’ve deleted the app and re-installed it. As it installed the icon was normal. As soon as installation completed the app icon changed to BETA. 3.11.1

Hi @Pagemakers,

You won’t lose anything only except that you will have to re-login.

It is highly possible to be a cache issue, as sometimes the app icon can be cached on the system.
To make sure that we rule out all variants, could you try the following steps please?:

  1. Delete the app
  2. Restart your iPhone
  3. Reinstall the app via AppStore

If you still see the beta banner on the app icon, please let us know.

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I’ve done that. Doesn’t make a difference. Still BETA.

@Pagemakers Are you a beta tester? :thinking: check your badge here :eyes:

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I’ve never ever had a beta badge on my app before. If I am. I don’t want to be.

You have a Curve Beta badge (on your profile picture and the text ‘Curve Beta Tester’ under your community name) in this community, indicating you subscribed yourself to the beta program.
If someone is on the beta program his/her Curve app icon does show ‘beta’ on purpose on iOS.

Do you have a yellow/red dot next to the Curve app name on your iPhone? If so, you actually do have the beta app installed and the ‘beta’ on the Curve app icon is correctly showing (and the question would actually be why it didn’t before).


No I don’t have any of those and I’ve just checked the curve app and booooom! It’s back to normal with no Beta icon!


Thank you.

Leave on @CurveBetaTester :slight_smile:

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Not sure it is fully fixed. Watch is still showing Beta as is the occasional issue on my iPhone app.

The Curve Apple watch app is actually still in Beta for everyone. There is no ‘normal’ Curve Apple watch app yet.

Or is your screenshot showing a notification coming from the Curve phone app showing on your smartwatch? If the latter is the case then indeed the beta badge is incorrectly showing. My best guess would be that this is a cache issue (on your phone and/or watch).