Suggested Curve App Security and UX Improvements

The Curve lacks basic security and fail-safe mechanisms for selecting the appropriate card to be charged.


  • The app should be protected with Pin/Passcode/Fingerprint/FaceID
  • Selecting a different card should require the same Pin/Passcode/Fingerprint/FaceID to avoid accidental switching and system bugs OR a confirmation modal - “Cancel | Switch Cards” options


  • Timeline should be the default home screen (when its opened for the first time)
  • Timeline should include ‘Insight’ as a sub option
  • Insight shouldn’t include an empty ‘Top Business Spend’ or optionally enabled
  • Layout of the App in order - Timeline | Wallet | Card | Settings
  • No hamburger menu

Settings include:
Profile (log in and out)
Curve Card Limit
Benefit - Save money aboard, Earn Points
Security Options
Help and Support
Share Curve - Get £5

Much as I dislike curve right now for the lack of support and charging cards that are no longer associated with it - they look like can do with a customer-centric product manager!