Suggestion: Select Card for One Purchase

I have a plethora of cards added to curve but I prodominantly use it for my current account.

When I do need to use it with a different card I do get a little anxious that after I’ve switched cards in the Curve app that I might forgot to switch it back to my current account card.

It would be INCREDIBLE if it was possible to select a card in the Curve app for a single use/purchase, (or perhaps for next ~15 minutes or so) and then afterwards it would default back to your main card.


Think this would be a handy function to have.

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Yep! :+1: It’s already suggested in some other threads. Basicly same idea as linked below.

It’s an interesting one, also related to another good one, options to create automatic rules as discussed elsewhere in some more posts, so you can select which card should be automatically assigned to each kind of transaction.

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I love this idea. Once in a blue moon I have to buy something with my company card, and then I forget to switch it back, an then have the finance lady unhappy because my then used the Curve for person purchases without thinking.

This would be great, especially as I’ve just spent £120 on wine on my company credit card :face_with_raised_eyebrow: because I forgot to change after paying for the car park!


That will be a great party with your colleagues :wink:

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This would be ideal, so I am in favour of this one. My problem that this would resolve, is when I place an online Tesco Grocery order a few days in advance to book my time slot. I want this to come out of one account specifically, but I then have to make sure that I remember to have the card I want this payment to come out of on the day of delivery as they will pack and process payment anytime 2 hours before delivery. This can be a slight pain if I want to then use my every day card…

Sorry, you made me laugh very loudly :joy:

Excellent idea. +1 from my side. For a timespan or for x times

Oh yes! This is a ln awesome must have idea. I do really had problems of not having the correct card selected in curve. After an ATM withdrawal