Suggestions for Helping Set Up

I thought suggestions for helping new users could go here.

Mine is that when you click the pay button (Curve Credit) if you haven’t added a debit card then instead of a blank space under the payment method and a dead button it could have a message like “Add a debit card to make payments.”

It did not take that long to figure out but it could have been quicker.

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The app warns that the expiry and cvv will change when the new card arrives and is activated. Actually the last 10 digits of the card change as well.

While I know sometimes banks can do an auto update with services like Google Pay and Apple Pay since the last 4 did not match I removed the card from Google Pay. I would advise against this as Hatch/Curve has not authorized the new card to be added.

I wonder if there is a lag from when you activate the card in app and the bank shows the card as activated. That would explain my decline without anti-embarrassment kicking in, inability to add the card at a utility, and inability to add the card to Google Pay. If so it is no big deal- just let us know not to use it for a couple hours (one day, whatever) after activation so we don’t waste time.

If you do communicate instantly with Hatch then something has gone wrong for me.

Yep. Declined for an Amazon reload. That never happens. I think the app never told Hatch I have the card.