Supercar Experience

Bit of a random one, I know Curve Black has a damage collision waver cover.

I’ve signed up to a Supercar experience where you get to drive three different supercars around a track. They ask you to sign a damage collision waiver.

Would the AXA one cover this too? I guess it is essentially hiring the car.

I’m assuming not, but no harm in asking!

You need to check with AXA to confirm. But I believe it should be as it’s like renting a car.

Hey @Lew!

Curve does not handle any claims for your insurance policy, so for any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with AXA.

You can call the AXA Travel Insurance support team through this number (unsure where you’re based so will leave you the following numbers)

UK (Black): +44 (0) 203 887 29 48
UK (Metal): +44 (0) 203 887 29 49
Portugal: +351 210 200 135
France: +33 1 707 512 18
Spain: +34 91 414 37 28
Italy: +39 02 360 037 32
Ireland: +353 144 751 67
Germany: +49 221 828 296 92

It’s very unlikely Curve’s rental car insurance covers supercars. Every single credit card I have that comes with rental car CDW/LDW insurance explicitly excludes vehicles with a retail price above a certain value and/or “expensive or exotic vehicles”.

Most likely it’s not covered. Driving around the track = most likely it’s a closed track, right? So not publicly accessible. I haven’t seen a single rental car insurance that covers that, they always say “publicly accessible paved roads”

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Yep usually track is considered a private area, and license and normal insurance will not cover any damage.
E.g. if you go karting you need a special/dedicated insurance for “high risk” sport, and not all the company cover that.
Usually the rentals offer an insurance for an extra but there’s always a kinda threshold of min payment you are obliged to if produce any damage.