Support bottleneck?

Looks like support is “down”. I think you can say that it’s “down” when you don’t get a response in 3 days. I think it’s not normal. Still waiting on live chat feature…

For example…contacted Revolut today in live chat. Solved my problem in couple minutes.

This is just going to get worst. Getting tickets in zendesk with trivial requests will kill the support. Live chat solves that problem as the trivial stuff gets solved right away and only serious stuff gets “ticketed”.

In general…Meh…

I would guess the cry for live support will be in vain until the wait time increases to the point of no return. I’ve witnessed this happen before with some companies and I think the change of support strategy is inevitable…


Been waiting for a reply for 2 weeks…


Oh. Damn. Curvpocalypse is coming :joy:

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Welcome to the club. 16 days here and counting.


Hi all. We understand your frustration.

The launch we did last week was a difficult one to communicate, on top of it we had the Amex situation, and some bugs that are being worked on right now. Specifically the Curve Rewards should be solved relatively soon.

We are not only working hard but also scaling up teams to deliver the service you deserve.

And while I laughed at “Curvocalypse”, I can assure you there’s nothing of the sort any time soon. :slight_smile:

Will try to keep you up to date.



Whilst all of your points above are valid, it’s no excuse, people waiting over a week, and over 2 weeks as at the top of this thread for a response to a query is unacceptable. You are a fintech outfit, if we cant trust you to promptly reply to concerns we have regarding our finances then why should we continue to use your service.

Even points raised on here are ‘selectively’ replied to, i asked a question about charges disappearing from my AMEX card after i had topped up and used the funds in the wallet and got no reply. What other option do i have but to open another support ticket?

I’m sure there would be differing opinions on here but i could wait a bit longer for curve rewards to re-activate if people responded to support tickets and communicated better.


Hi Mark, apologies for the oversight. In this case, I believe that the charges will appear again in your Amex card in the coming days, so please hold on until end of next week and let me know if it hasn’t happened by then.

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Will do, appreciate the update :+1:

I still think that Curve should implement some kind of in-app-chat like all other fintech. It is quite disappointing when you need fast help to rely only on an email, the reply which can be 1-2-3 or more days.


If you look at the job offers part of Curve’s website you find:
Our Core Values…

Customer Obsession
Start with the customer and work backwards to create meaningful experiences.

Communicate and Collaborate
This helps us unify and align so we can move quickly and be empowered.

I make no comment other than to point this out, as the mod’s approach to putting the customer first and promoting communication is to delete as inappropriate posts they don’t like the look of - presumably because they are critical. Hopefully a post that simply reproduces their own words will not be seen as inappropriate!

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Don’t see how in-app would be any faster than email, n26 replies to emails usually within 1 or 2 minutes. Additionally implementations like Revolut where you can take weeks to sort ou issues due to different ‘relevant teams’ mean you can only talk to them about one thing at a time and sometimes have to wait weeks to deal with some other issue

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in-app-chat…come on…I have too Revolut and N26, all issues have been supported within an hour when I have them. Last time I have waited for email from Curve 2-3 days and when it is hard to explain it turns like a conversation spanning again days…
I really like when I’m making a conversation with someone when seeking help, not relying on offline messages. (just my opinion!)

Wish I could say the same for my experience of Revolut. Their in app support were appalling, took about two weeks to get account unlocked and limits upgraded. I found them totally useless.

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I’m not saying I’m against in app chat, but n26 gives you the option and all current in app chat implementations I know are absolute rubbish. With revolut I’ve been once almost two months dealing with an issue and multiple “relevant teams” and while that was not solved you couldn’t take care of anything else, you’re basically locked to that relevant team, dealing with that issue

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Just an update. Support have not contacted me for about 10 days now. Interesting…

I’m thinking about making a visit to the corporate office and not leaving until my problem is resolved. The service has just been pathetic and there was clearly a lack of planning to staff up to handle issues. I’m tired of Curve hiding behind emails.

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Hi Sandie

Pardon me, but what’s the nature of your problem?

You really have to invest for more people in support! I send message with some issues and i almost forgot since time have passed, now i got reply after 12 days! Come on Curve you need to be better at this if you want more customers!

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@vebaev Nice feedback. If I was you, I’d raise a complaint to CC stating that you’d rather not get an answer at all so that you can keep complaining. /s

At least for me and the ones I know, CC has been picking up the pace lately. Yes, they have been awfully slow and yes they have ignored quite a few critical problems. But they’re being friendly now and they’re trying to pick up the pieces - so you need to concede that.

Also it does really depend on who answers you - e.g. Jaspreet is a great person and he solved all the queries I let her/him on a breeze.

Still atrocious and makes me very concerned about using the card at all for daily spending. 3+ days without even an acknowledgement and it seems that’s utterly normal.

How can that be remotely sensible? What do I do if my card is lost or stolen or I end up with a problem while travelling abroad?