Support - do Curve ever reply?

So, I’ve emailed Curve due to a dispute, provided them with all the information and I’ve had one reply in 10+ days with no actual real help…

Does Curve support actually exist?

What email did you used? I suggest to write to
Did you got automated response from them that e-mail is received?

Support exists (in past I have received very fast responses), but lately… I dont know whats going on. They are busy with something else, I guess.


Thanks for that Moon!

I’ve emailed both, get a response from both (automatic) but have only had one human response in 10+ days which didn’t really answer anything…

It’s totally putting me off using Curve which is a shame as I really like it otherwise!

In my previous experience they usually give an answer, not automated quite fast (sometimes in a few hour)

I wrote to them about a lost card 3 days ago, and I received an automated response and nothing else.

Wondering what else could be so important that they ignore this ?

My experience of support is that it is second rate. If I dealt with customers as slow as curve do, I’d be out of business very quick.
Again, their priorities are all wrong. The can’t handle the customers they currently have. Image what’s going to happen if their new advertising campaign actually works?

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This may be a daft question, but are you one of the Curve team?

No i am not working for curve
You can confirm that, look at my profile, Curve Beta tester

I did receive response from curve 10 days later


Thanks for your reply, I’m sorry for the delayed response. We’re currently receiving a high volume of messages which means we’re unable to respond to you as quickly as we’d like.

I’ve had a look at your account and can see that you’ve successfully used your Curve card with

“high volume of messages” might mean “high volume of issues” :confused:

I didn’t think you were. Simply that your earlier post read like it was CS advice.

Mystery solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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