Support for Cornèrcard Miles & More "prepaid" MasterCard issued on behalf of Affiniture (Diners Club UK)

Good news! I got a helpful reply from Curve just now, suggesting to me to try adding the card. I’ve just tried it and it works.

The next problem is how to do the card verification process easily and quickly, whereby Curve charges a small amount to the card with a code in the transaction reference, because Diners Club neglects to show pending transactions, only completed transactions.

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Oh, that is an awkward one :confused: I hope you find a way…

I have just added the cornercarduk Mastercard and is was verified without a pending charge and I have used it with my Curve Black as the underlying card and it has worked and the payment is showing on the app.


It’s a shame that, despite having had the benefit of 3 months to add support for this card, Curve has not managed to apply a bespoke card image.

If there an imagine missing, please send it to :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Curve_Marie, but it wouldn’t have been much effort for Curve to have obtained an image from the link I gave above, where an image is at

The task itself is pretty straight forward, however, there’s a reason for requesting it via the email. We are building and growing rapidly, which requires processes to be efficient. It may be one card image, but it also requires resources that are already employed in the ongoing design and products sprints. Please use the dedicated email so we can queue it up and make it happen.

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I sent an e-mail to addmycard on January 3rd and still haven’t got any response or the picture in the app. Is it really that quick, then? It would be a way better option if users could set their private card images directly in the app with an option of submitting them to go public. Then, even if it wasn’t approved by the team, it would remain available for that one user who submitted the image.


I think that is a really good idea! Have asked our UX designer about how feasible it would be. Will let you know what he says. This idea hasn’t been suggested in the Ideas category yet - hint, hint :wink:

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Hi everybody :slightly_smiling_face: Can someone please try adding a Miles & More card to their account and let me know if it works or not? :raised_hands:

Hi added mine 4 days ago and is working fine used it today with Curve Black.


Verified mine now - I had to wait a couple of days for the verification transaction to show up in Miles & More online statement so I could see the narrative.

Hi @david350 Welcome to the Community :blush: Thanks for letting me know. It seems like this card is now accepted and customers should not have any more issues adding it to their account :+1:

@Curve_Marie, I submitted the card image by e-mail on 22nd May 2019. It is now 7 weeks later and the card image is still not updated in the app. What is the typical timescale for supporting a card image?


FWIW I’ve submitted several to that email address in the past - the fastest took about 2 months to be updated, most took around 3-4 months, and one still hasn’t been added 10 months later.

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@Curve_Marie, I submitted the card image by e-mail on 22nd May 2019. It is now 11½ weeks later and the card image is still not updated in the app. What is the typical timescale for supporting a card image?

As @podgib mentioned in his post, it took 3-4 months for most of them. Please do get in touch with Customer Support if you’d like them to investigate a specific card submission.

The correct card image for this card has just become available in the Curve app after I chased it up last week following a 6-month delay.

According to this Head for Points article yesterday, HMRC accepts the Cornèrcard Miles & More MasterCard as a debit card, because it is prepaid, even though it’s on an airmiles-earning charge card account. Therefore where this is an underlying card for Curve, is Curve not applying its new 1.5% fee for HMRC debit-fronted credit with effect from today?

I asked Curve support this question. They replied to me today:

I’ve checked and our system would currently see this BIN as a prepaid debit card. For this example we would not charge any fee for HMRC transactions using this card.