Support for Multi-Currency Cards

1 problem with change based on category

All my payment on game site like, steam, blizzard, green gaming. Are marked as entertainment
But i prefer then to be label as, shopping. Shopping games
And entertainment for like, theater, biograf, tours like, getyourguide

But a cool idea

If this is so clear to employees at Curve can I ask the following:

  • Why hasn’t it been done already?
  • Why isn’t it actively being worked on?

I do the same with Starling or Monzo. The weekend rate is a right pain.

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In the future
Next year?

One more supporter of this feature. For the likes of Revolut and Monese we really need to just pass through the original transaction currency. Also, for me it’s quite bad as I can’t use Curve with PHP currency which makes me use my Monese credit card when the Philippines and losing the benefits of using just Curve.

How should curve support multi currency card?
What about go back in time to a single currency card?

Curve could save the exchange rate on the time then the payment are made
And use it if the payment are moved to a single currency card

Use the exchange rate that are available then use go back in time

Pass the payment without currency, and pay the bank for exchange

What do you think about this?

First time i hear that

Best of both world

In the menu where your select currency
There should be an option like (currency card) (Multi currency)
And in the curve app, you set your local currency

Then you pay with 1 card
Like your currency card
And if you device to, use go back in time
Curve save the exchange rate, of your local currency you set, then
And refund, and charge the exchange rate, that are saved

And the other way around
Refund the payment, and charge the original currency from your currency card

Even better, you could avoid weekend fee
If the local currency, exchange rate. Are being added on monday
That would mean you have to wait undtil monday to use go back in time

Hi, is it possible to disable currency exchange on my Revolut card? Revolut comes with less fees on currency exchange than Curve so it is better to let them do the exchange

Same what we are talking about here

I just registered to post in this thread:

I also want this feature. i have 2 credit cards with better exchange rate than curve and its so annoying to everytime change the currency of the card… it cant be that difficult to implement this.

please do it.

best regards from germany using advanzia credit cards…

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Hello, me too would love to have this feature of just passing through the original currency available!

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How will the spending and insight add up?

Not sure what you mean by that… Everything would work the same way as if you currently change the underlaying card’s currency manually before your payments to meet the currency of the merchant, except that you wouldn’t need to do it manually anymore.

Then spending in multi-currency
And use local currency

How does the insight tab work?
Or the amount of spending
Now curve no longer exchange the currency

How do they know how much i have spent?
How do they add it all up?

No difference, it would work like now.


How does curve know the exchange rate of my card?

Curve doesn’t need to know the rate of your underlying card. Curve would just approximate the exchange rate as it already does if you spend in multiple currencies. e.g. If your normal currency is GBP and you were to spend money as EUR on any underlying card, Curve Insight will approximate EUR transactions in GBP, even if your underlying card was charged in EUR and Curve does not know the rate of your card.

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And you can change your Insights currency to whatever you want already, independently of your underlaying cards’ currencies.

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