Support for Multi-Currency Cards

Next 3 months from my last visit here. Still nothing :cold_face: :cold_face:

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Able to enable and disable currency conversion would be a an usable feature for the ones who travel. For example, if I have a credit card that gives me best conversion rates (or even Monzo Debit, for example), I don’t want Curve to convert currency for those cards.

A similar solution to what we are describing is achieved by PayPal, which allows you to select per card if you want to use PayPal currency conversion or not.

Looking forward for this feature.


Hi made this account just to comment on this thread. Pleaseeee bring this functionality! I local currency is DKK, but I shop often on amazon and buy Euro, and I online shop in DKK. I have a currency card already, so please let me disable currency coversion for this card!


Go to your Curve card, select that underlying card and select the currency you want it to be charged in, then Curve won’t do the conversion for you


@Daddykay I don’t mean to sound rude, but do you know what this feature request is about? Did you actually read the first post? Everyone here is well aware of what you just replied. But that’s not what we are requesting.

We are requesting a feature where you can completely disable any kind of currency conversion for a specific card. Eliminating the need to open the curve app and switch currency all the time when you do several payments in quick succession in different currencies.


This is not at all complicated!

Just “bypass” the conversion and make the transaction in the original currency!!


I guess the friction in the implementation of that feature comes from… business model - Curve earns on Fx conversions, bypassing it would mean less profit for Curve :wink:

For better of for worse I use “the other card” when making transactions abroad because conversions are “so-so” (and the limits are low).


Yes… i believe the “solution” is NOT using CURVE abroad…

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How do you assign the underlying card to take over there FX transaction so that every transaction will be managed by its?

So far I change time by time the currency the card manages when I travel and I know I’ll be spending more than 200€

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€200? Do you mean €500?

You can’t do this, that’s the whole point of this idea. We want Curve to add the ability to do this.
As explained several times before, you can change the currency setting of the underlying card before every transaction in a different currency. Or just use the underlying card directly, without Curve.


Actually I can’t remember exactly but If you say 500€ maybe you are right… I remembered the FX free-fee was set at 200€. My fault.

So I am doing right now during long trips I know I will overcome the upper limit…
Good to know they may be working on this extra feature


There are separate fee free FX limits for purchases and for ATM withdrawals. It’s 500€ for purchases and 200€ for ATM withdrawals. You can see all the fees here.

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It’s really disappointing that curve has this business model…

I don’t want to have to worry about what time of the week I should make foreign purchases to avoid extra fees…

I don’t want to have to change my underlying card within the app every single time I want to do a foreign purchase or a local one (I don’t have time for that)

Banks like Chase, Starling, Monzo don’t charge any fees in foreign transactions regardless of when it was made (weekends included)

If Curve just can’t change their business model so they allow for payments to go pass through (i.e. no foreign currency conversion from Curve side), then I guess at most, Curve is only good for LOCAL purchases… which defeats the object of Curve existence in the first place…


@Curve_Joel I was wondering if you could give an update on this feature request? (allow pass-through of purchase currency to the underlying card instead of converting into one of Curve’s supported currencies)

This has been requested for 3+ years now and has one of the highest # of upvotes in the Ideas section. For me this is one of the major reasons I don’t use Curve abroad in many countries.


A bit of a follow-on from this. However I have always wondered why Curve cannot add an option which sets the currency to “any currency” so that for those people with cards that provide good fx rates, they can just spend in any currency without having to change the setting and just bypassing Curve’s currency conversion? For me that would be ideal for some cards.

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