Support for RecargaPay Cartão Pré-pago (Brazilian virtual prepaid MasterCard)

I use an app called RecargaPay to top up my Brazilian SIM card, because it gives me a 5% rebate on every top-up, whereas a top-up directly with the mobile network would not do so. Besides topping up SIM cards, RecargaPay offers a number of other payment-related services, including a prepaid MasterCard, which gives 1% cashback. Although RecargaPay supplies a virtual card (similar to Revolut’s virtual cards) free of charge, it unreasonably charges for a physical card at BRL 9.99 per month. This prepaid MasterCard is useful for anyone, particularly non-residents of Brazil, who wishes to hold a balance in BRL and spend in BRL on a card directly from that balance.

Because this is a prepaid card, it cannot be added to Curve until its BIN is added to Curve’s list of approved prepaid BINs. If Curve adds support for this BRL-denominated prepaid MasterCard, then one could use Curve as the physical card with the RecargaPay virtual card as the underlying card, thereby avoiding RecargaPay’s unreasonable BRL 9.99 per month charge for a physical card. Therefore please could Curve add support for RecargaPay’s BIN, which is 5460 01?

Of course, if Revolut ever manages to support BRL as a balance currency (which is difficult because BRL is a restricted currency), then the need for this falls away, as it would achieve the same objective more conveniently.

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