Support for several prepaid cards not working anymore

The same problem, that is mentioned here for the Lydia card (and looked into by @Curve_Aleca), I experience for two other prepaid cards, so I guess this a broader problem (hence making a separate topic for it).

I have noticed that (in my case) two different prepaid cards could not be added as a underlying card by me (generated new virtual number) or a friend, when before I could add these cards perfectly fine.

In my case this happens with:

DiPocket (5455 98)
Wirex (4745 03)

When trying to add I get the message:

“prepaid and gift cards cannot be added in Curve”

I also get this message when I try to add my virtual Skrill card (5295 59), but I am not sure if this card could be added before. Anyone else?

Maybe this problem has risen,
when Curve migrated their services to a new BIN database provider? As mentioned here.

Thanks for flagging this @poeliev :slightly_smiling_face: I have checked and you should accept the first two BINs for the Wirex and DiPocket cards. However, we do not support the third BIN yet (5295 59). Since this is not a known issue, will check with the team tomorrow and get back to you with an update :+1:

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@poeliev Can you please try to add the DiPocket and the Wirex cards to your account again and let us know if they work now?


Yessss, both are working now! Thank you and the team for your quick action and fix!


Perfect :confetti_ball: thanks for letting me know! I can’t take credit for this, the team did a great job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: