Support is not replying!


Emails I send to are not answered.

First of all, I got an email like this:

Hope this email finds you well.

We’ve noticed your payment card ending a number of payment cards added to your Curve account are under a different name. Can you please confirm your relation with the cardholder?

Please note that we advise our customers to only add payment cards that belong to them and kindly ask that you remove this/these cards from your account and let us know once this has been done.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Then I replied as follows:

The other card I added belongs to my brother. If it is prohibited, I can delete it.I’ll be waiting to hear from you on this.

Kind regards,

Then I deleted my brother’s card. Curve card not working.

Then I wrote a few more e-mails. But there is no answer.

Finally, I asked for all my information to be deleted and my card to be cancelled.

Again no answer.

I wrote from support within the app. But still no answer.

What should I do?


I emailed 5-6 days ago. Still no answer. I thought it was overlooked. I emailed a few more times. But still no answer.

Kind regards

Unfortunately there’s nothing we’re able to do on the forums to help and can only suggest chasing up via their social media/complaints channels.