Support queue disclosure

Due to current situation with issues processing I think it’d be nice to see (for us, regular users) how many “support request” you have in queue, and how many was processed in the last hour/day/week.

I do think honesty in this regard would be of great benefit to Curve.

Particularly, they should be providing estimated times to responses - they must have the data by now!

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Goodness knows how difficult this would be to implement, but totally agree. The sooner the better - I hate being in the dark!

They use Zendesk so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the standard reports…

It would be really easy to implement. Curve uses Zendesk as support mechanism and it has simple api for that. They already have that data available. But I am sure that they will not make that information public so that not to discourage new potential customers.

Right now, they should be focussing on making sure their current customers don’t leave.

Once they can prove themselves to be good, the new customers will come…

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