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Can someone indicate please what the current expected response time is for emails to your support team? I’m a Metal customer, have tried in-app chat, which just directs me to email you. I’ve done that, and received an automated response, but nothing since.

The matter is somewhat urgent as I’ve asked to downgrade. If I can’t get a timely response out of Curve I’ll end up needing to dispute your subscription fees via the bank, something I’d rather not have to do.

Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Unfortunately since the vast majority of us on here are users we don’t have that sort of information available.

However an alternative would be to tweet them at Twitter at the username @AskCurve as that seems to get their attention.

Thanks for your question.

Apologies, but I thought there were curve staff here responding and moderating. I’ll try Twitter.

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That’s no problem, I hope your issue is sorted soon. :+1:

There should…

In an ideal word sure. Unfortunately we’ve have to work with what we have.


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