Support Team Software change. No In-app Ticket history

Hi everyone, some good news from the support team today! :raised_hands:

Our customer support team have just made the jump to new software which will allow them to reply faster and gives them access to more advanced tooling so they can respond to your issues in more detail too!

In the short term, this means that you’ll no longer be able to see any open tickets and conversations in the Curve app but don’t worry- The support team are still able to see these conversations on their side with the new software and will be in touch soon. You’ll also receive an email with your entire chat history so you’ll still have a record of the messages sent from both you and the support team.

Any questions about this change? Feel free to let us know.


I was not able to use the chat feature this morning. Is it working again?

Hey @Daddykay! The Live-chat feature for premium subscription users hasn’t been reactivated just yet as we want to make sure this is working smoothly with the new tools available first but this will be back very soon! In the meantime, you can still reach the Curve support team with the ‘Report a Problem’ option in the app or by emailing them at


I sent the email but problem is now you can not initiate sending the email from the app (iOS) as before. It means you have to know the email off head or look for it from somewhere else. This may be hard for some users to get and they will end up here saying there’s no way to contact support.

I used chat took over 24 hours for a reply then they replied a few times now nothing

Hey there @Daddykay, you should still be able to raise a ticket to our support team through the Curve app on iOS and Android. Please can you flag this to our support team by email so they can troubleshoot this for you?

Hey there, the Curve support team can sometimes be a little slower to respond over the weekend but you should definitely receive a follow up message today!

Nice to know you have finally migrated away from Zendesk. Would love to know who you have replaced the service with, Freshdesk or Hubspot?

Looking at the Curve app it looks like they replaced it with Kustomer.

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I posted this before I checked. :grin:

You beat me to it @poeliev! That’s right, the support team are now using Kustomer.

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