Support tickets not working

I’ve fallen victim to having 2 refunds from a travel company that were provided 10 days ago but yet to appear on my curve account, so I thought i would raise a support ticket for this, unfortunately, support tickets are not working in the android app, any ideas how I can contact support via any other method. Love curve since I started with it 6 months ago, but this is leaving me with thoughts that I should be looking at an alternative. or by DM on social media.

When you say refunds, from a travel company. Are they actual card transactions or pre-authorisations?

Because if they’re pre-authorisations, they’ll not show as a refund, they’ll just add to your available balance on your underlying card with not much trace…

I had this with a Hilton hotel, it was an Authorisation which didn’t show up as a refund in app Or with my bank

Thanks for the help , they are proper refunds where the money was taken by a ferry company , they then cancelled the ferry crossing so are refunding the full value to me , I read online that this sometimes can take 3 months to come through ! Lets hope curve support can resolve it for me

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@nicb would be good if this support function in Android could be a high priority for the next release - either to fix the issue or to disable it and just ask users to email?

Great service from Curve that has restored my confidence in them, contacted the support email address and the money was refunded within 15 mins. Agree they should just disable the option int he android app and just ask to email.