Support waiting times for metal users

Curious how long you usually had to wait, given how understaffed it currently is

My card got frozen because of a smaller issue, but I can’t unfreeze it without customer support handling my case

Just trying to get a rough idea how long I might be without my curve card

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Hey there,

Unfortunately we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you!

It’s best to get in touch with the support team through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

Alternatively, you can use the form on the support website to redirect your query to the correct team:

Please do let us know how you’re getting on! :slight_smile:

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2-21 days. Typically in the 10-12 day range for a reply. Expect to be without your card for around 2 weeks.

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That’s what I wanted to know, thanks! I’ll swap out the card for the time being then…
Will report back when they reply

(Crossing my fingers the reply won’t be another question that’s again taking another 10 days to get a reply on)

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8 days later - start to slowly forget how nice the metal card feels. hands are getting used to cheap plastic. wallet is more stuffed. still waiting. I miss my card

Too weeks, have now forgotten the color of my metal card. Was it even metal? It’s been so long. Was it all a dream?

Find myself opening the Curve app randomly to swim in the nostalgia

I left and deleted my cards off there im not paying for metal. and I only signed up 1 month ago

FIY I received a reply 2 days ago, so that was exactly 18 days

(Sadly, as expected, my specific case wasn’t resolved with that. Here’s to hope the next reply is going to be a bit quicker than the initial one)

Hey @CrayonManchester, ennui is not the feeling we want you to have to associate with your shiny Metal Curve card. Have you contacted our social media team on @askCurve (Twitter) or over on Facebook yet?
We’ve had a bought of Covid in the social team which has slowed up responses slightly this past week but they can give your ticket a bump with the relevant support team for you and hopefully get you back to feeling like a rockstar!


I have tried reaching out through social media but nothing can be done and I just have to wait. It’s now been 4 weeks without my card, and I have been charged the monthly metal fee despite not able to use the card a single time during this period

I hope the next interaction is going to be it and I get my account back, because 2+ weeks response time on each message for a service I pay for monthly is a bit on the high end…

I’ll update here again once I received a reply back. Fingers crossed!

Today marks exactly 5 weeks without my card, and 2 weeks since I submitted a reply to CS with requested information.

The saga continues… The last reply came after 18 days, so this might be the week? But with Christmas coming up, I have my doubts I will hear anything back until the new year

I’m a big fan of Curve (as you can probably tell), but honestly, I am quite shocked about the CS situation. If I’m getting charged the monthly fee again without being able to actually use the card, I think I’ll cut my losses and move on :cry:

that doesn’t sound good. i’m also a metal user, but reading your lines i hope i will never need the support in the future.

How’s everyone doing in this new year? Hope you all had a good start.

Sadly my card is still disabled, and still nothing from customer support.

I have now disabled my card that I used to pay for for the metal membership so they can’t charge me more for a service I can’t use. This week was the second time I was supposed to get charged for Curve Metal with my card still being frozen (but now failed due to the disabled card). Not 2 full months yet, but that’s now 2 billing periods of a pretty expensive service (pricier than my Apple Music + iCloud subscription).

I love Curve but as a paying customer (important point here, because I’m not a freeloader), this left me with a bit of a sour taste. If they can disable my card from one day to the next to routinely ask for additional documents, they should IMO also be prepared (and staffed!) to handle that case in an equal amount of time when those documents are provided. If they can’t do it, ask for the documents and give a grace period: If not submitted by X, your card gets frozen. And at least freeze billing as well, and don’t just let it continue as if nothing happened, I have a feeling charging but not providing access to the service may even break some customer protection laws.

Apparently if I don’t pay for metal for another 30 days, they will force downgrade me to the basic plan. Let’s see if customer support is able to reply until then, but I don’t have much hope left and won’t be counting on getting my card back. Getting the 2x monthly fee compensated would be a nice gesture, but honestly don’t see that ever happening.

This will be my second-last post here. I’ll reply to this thread once a final conclusion of my case got reached, however long that may take. But until then - so long and thanks for reading along.

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Thanks for updating us with your experience. I hope you do get a satisfactory response soon. It seems you enjoy the service so it would be a shame for you to lose it for no fault of your own.

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Same here metal card stopped working. Now i disabled the card and I’m not paying the 14.99 euros per month

oh, dear time to let go. I went for Revolut Premium just works and support takes 1 minute

This is absolutely ridiculous. Curve should be very ashamed of the support they are delivering to their users, especially their paying users who are promised to receive “priority” support. You have been paying for almost two months for a service they aren’t even giving to you, heck the only thing they are giving to you are headaches.
A bit over a month ago I made a simple inquiry that I had to make 3 times about a transaction that I made because I couldn’t place the merchant properly my card got blocked immediately without even answering my question. I got extremely upset and contacted them through all available channels, social media, the app and e-mail ( This seemed to work and my card was unblocked pretty fast, even in the follow up I got several replied on the same day. So perhaps contacting them more intensely would help your case. I have several examples myself where they just simply forget (or something) to even answer your question so I would not place too much trust in just sitting tight and waiting for a reply because sometimes you just won’t get one.

Revolut is a completely different product to Curve, I don’t see how they relate? One is a internet banking startup, one is a card that aggregates other cards

I’ve been doing that on channels like twitter, but not on email yet. There are CS systems that put your inquiry to the back of the queue when an update happens, so sending additional follow ups on those would cause it to take slower. That’s why I was a bit vary, but maybe worth trying

Cuve is finished nothing going for it. You pay 14.99 for black and you get no support lol. Cant people see the signs there is no money for support

just FYI, I think the support has been improved a lot.
I opened two tickets recently and would be replied and resolve at the same day.

ps. I’m a metal user

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