Support waiting times for metal users

This is exactly why I left Curve - regardless of whether a paying customer (like I was, Metal so the best part of £180 a year) or any other customer, there are some issues that should always be treated as a priority. Imagine if I was mugged and my card and phone stolen - there seems to be no way to immediately get the card stopped apart from send an email and hope, by which time my accounts could have been emptied.
I miss my Curve card but decided that the risk was too great if something did go wrong.

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If you need to block your card in a hurry, in Belgium we have a service called Card Stop which is provided by Worldline and it should be working with Curve too. The conditions report that this is working with any VISA/MasterCard if we live in Belgium.

Maybe other countries do provide an alternative option in the case one of your card got stolen?

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My last metal support case took about 23 days for a response (It was requesting clarification over $200 overcharged by a merchant - Yeah, I had to wear the £160ish while Curve couldn’t provide proof the merchant double charged me, and luckily the merchant admitted they overcharged me once I showed them proof. It also was displayed badly in Curve so I didn’t actually have proof there that they had overcharged me.

Curve will realise eventually that customers don’t put up with bad service.

I guess miracles can happen. Every message I send support takes weeks to be answered.