Support when fraudulent activities occur through Curve Card

Curve’s level of support for fraud is unacceptable.

I don’t know how this has happened by someone has managed to spend over 2000 pounds through my curve card while it was still in my possession. The one bright note was that I was able to lock the card after the first few transactions appeared on my phone.

The response I got from Curve was simply to wait until Monday for the fraud team to get back to me. It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m travelling abroad.

Absolutely no other help has been given and all support apart from a lost and stolen emergency line that can only block your card for you, is now offline.

What exactly am I supposed to do in this situation, sit tight and wait to discuss the fate of 2000 pounds in 72 hours?

Hi @jamesthornton7252 and welcome to our community. I am so sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds frustrating. With the only intention of expedite anyhow the help to your case please let me tag into the conversation to the Curve Community Manager @Curve_Marie and Curve Customer Experience team @Curve_Herman.
Good luck man!

If you really want to anger Curve, you could do chargebacks through your bank. (Not really recommended though)

Not only is it not helping, Curve ha the right to bill the chargeback fees to the customer.

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Hi @jamesthornton7252 and welcome to our Community :wave:

This shouldn’t be the case, we treat reports of fraudulent transactions seriously and aim to get a resolution to you as soon as possible. Could you confirm if you’ve heard back from our Fraud team yet?

Regarding this issue, our lost and stolen emergency line is open 24/7 - could you let me know when you attempted to call and what happened when you called (did you speak to an operator, did it not go connect, etc).

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Aren’t the fees like €/£30? Seems a bit steep :rofl::rofl::skull: