Suspicious transaction

Evening all

I had a suspicious transaction that was declined 4 times.
It wasn’t instigated by me.

No damage as it was declined by curve

I’ve suspended the card in the app but can’t get a reply from Curve

I have queried the transaction, messaged them in the app and emailed them

No reply now in over 24 hours.

What are my options?



Or giving them a call:

+44 (0) 20 33 222 585

I thought that number was just for lost and stolen and went to a generic central helpline?
If not I’ll call it in the morning.
Thanks again.

I think officially it still is, but I know some people used it successfully for other urgent matters recently. And you can request a call back from a Curve support employee if the person answering the phone is not able to help you.
And actually, given it a second thought, something might have been stolen from you: your card details.

Your card detail could be stolen online

Thanks for the replies.
On reflection you are right and I’ll call them first thing.

Surprised and bit disappointed they aren’t more responsive online.

It transpires they replied to my app last night - I hadn’t realised as I didn’t receive any notification nor is there an obvious indicator.

Hopefully will get sorted today.

Edited: now sorted. Surprised there isn’t an alert when you receive a message from Curve in the app.

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