Swag form doesn't work

Swag form you sent doesn’t work. You get this reply:

You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organisation.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake. Learn more.


+1 same here

Same here!!

Hey all,

Please reach out to support team at support@curve.app and they’ll be able to help you with this.

Someone at curve HQ needs to change the permissions in the google form!!

I suspect it would be expedient for Curve to fix this rather than be inundated with requests.

Please let us know when it is fixed.

The form works.

Question is really red or black hoodie?
Is there a pic anywhere?

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Doesn’t work for me either!

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This is the error message we get:

Please let us know when fixed.

Hi all!
Same problem here.

That’s not a hoodie :joy:

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@Malc23 sorry :smiley:

Same permissions error on the form for me, too.

For the black hoodie check my profile picture and/or this post

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Same issues here

Same here - I’m going to assume it will affect everyone!

Yeah not working here either, doesn’t seem related to login. Email sent

I invested in Curve during the latest round and have just received an email to claim the swag I am entitled to for investing over a certain amount.

However, the link to the firm doesn’t work. It takes me to a Google Form where access is debited and says that it can only be opened by users in the owners organisation.

Who can I flag it to to update the permissions so we can submit our details?


Form doesn’t work for me either
The error message now reads “FILE IS UNAVAILABLE”

Me too i see same message. i try to contact the help center through the app, and now I wait the reply