Swatch Pay stopped working with Curve

This week I have had four payments declined on my SwatchPay watch

This was working fine when I first set it up and has worked this week whilst travelling on TFL but not in any merchants

Any help gladly appreciated, I have emailed support this week (Monday 8th Nov) but no answers yet


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Educated guess :point_up_2:t2: you might be able to use Swatch Pay again after using your Curve card with CHIP&PIN, this because of SCA.
Did you get any notification from the Curve app when your payment by Swatch Pay was refused?


Hi Buddy,

Many thanks for your response, I’m beginning to think this is the case (no notification in the Curve App) which if so is so disappointing!
The whole reason I bought the watch and another for my wife was the Swatch Pay feature, it now seems pointless if after every 5th transaction you have to use the curve card chip and pin to reset, I dont even have a physical Curve card.

This is surely going to put the whole Swatch Pay thing backwards and useless in my opinion, funny enough though it still seems to work with TFL.

Can you explain ( The only exception is Swatch Pay, which does count towards the contactless limit rules as this is used on a passive device without additional verification at point of payment )

What other payment devices / methods are they talking about?

Thanks and again for your help

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Of course I can explain :wink: