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Managed to set up in Swatch store with virtual card number. Once I activated new physical card, unable to update Swatch pay app. Even made journey to Swatch store but no success; they referred me back to Curve. Despite emailing support and using Curve app chat, I have had no response from Curve. Raised a formal complaint hoping it might prompt a response…still waiting. Reaching out here to see if anyone has experienced similar situation / know how to resolve

According to this Curve help page you should be able to do it yourself using the Android app but iOS users must go down the Swatch Store route.

Thank you. I had read that and went to Swatch store (I’ve got iPhone) but had no success.

maybe you could borrow an android phone from a friend or a family member

Most Swatch stores are franchise outlets and I suspect the staff simply don’t have the training needed to deal with the problem.
The instructions I’ve read state that the existing card has to be removed from the Swatch watch first, it can’t be changed, then the new card details can be registered.
If you are in the UK try Swatch customer service on 03458991983. Ask them if their is a Swatch owned store near you (should have much better training) or suggest they liase with the store you visited to help resolve the problem for you.

Thanks for the tips. Big shout out to Swatch, I emailed them and they are sending me a new replacement watch because the factory reset to remove previous card details in store didn’t solve the issue. Curve could learn a thing or two from the customer service experience!

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