Switch cards using (Today View) widget or Force Touch/Long press - iOS and Android

It would be nice to have the ability to quickly switch cards without having to go into the app.

Ideally, being able to do it via a Today View widget would save the most time as you could switch cards without even having to unlock the phone.

Alternatively, being able to do it via a Force Touch on the app’s icon would also save a bit of time.

Not sure if Android offers a similar solution.

It does.


These are some really valid points.
This is bothered me for some time and as consequence, I tend not to use the Curve card but use ApplePay as it’s faster.
I hope Curve sees how sorting this will change the game.


Please consider a Curve Widget to select which card you wish Curve to use, this would be far more slick and efficient than opening app. I am sure Android must have an equivalent.

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Perfect Poeliev, same in principle but with more detail😃

Fantastic idea
Hope android get something similar

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I’m sure that curve used to have a widget available, then it disappeared when I went onto the beta app for Amex.

But yeah, I REALLY miss that feature


I never saw the widget because it disappeared before I started to use Curve, but it is a feature I really miss. It is too difficult to change the card at the moment of a payment, and until the option to create rules to set which card to use automatically, it would be nice to have a easier/faster way to switch.

This will be a fantastic idea. I have a personal and business card for separation but it’s a real pain to have to switch in the Curve app all the time so I use Apple Pay for business and curve for personal spend but I with much rather have everything in the consolidated view.

Or even for those with an Apple Watch make an Apple Watch app that does the same thing? :ok_hand:t2:

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There used to be an Apple widget, I was actually only thing the other day what happened to it and why it was removed.

Would love to see this come back to the curve app.

+1 This would be a great feature. Especially with iOS14 around the corner.

Great idea. The easiest solution is add shortcut support in Android (when you are pressing longer Google Pay icon you are able to see card change shortcuts). Pressing on shortcuts will change default card permanentny or maybe temporary for 2 minutes. It sounds like good solution. Such shortcuts it is possible to assign to long press actions.