Switched tonew iphone, authentificstion failure

hi there, I switched to a new iPhone, I wanted to add the Curve card to the wallet. I was told to authenticate by SMS. I tried several times I never received an SMS, so I can’t add the card. The number that is deposited with apple and curve seems to be correct. I even can’t open a ticket via the app. So maybe you can help me

Hi Desert,
if you’re having issues trying to open a support ticket you can drop a message to this e-mail: support@curve.app
I’m sure they’ll be able to help you better as there is not much we can do from here.

I can help you with adding your Curve Card to Apple Pay while the support helps you:

  1. Delete your Curve Card from your iPhone Wallet
  2. Wait a few seconds…
  3. Open your Curve app and go to the “account” view, now you should be able to see a button saying “Add to Apple Wallet”

Adding the card to the wallet this way should not prompt you to wait for a SMS.

Let me know if this worked for you!

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hi @pjleonmartin, thx for the quick reply. i’ve tried reaching out to curve via phone and they changed something in my account with the result, that the authetification sms made it through, now it works, cheers : ) but really nice to know that there is such a quick and helpful community : ) thx!

Glad to hear that it was quickly solved!

Have a nice day @desert :smiley: