Switching Cards Without The App

Hi - the Curve app on my iPhone no longer works, and says I must upgrade.

Unfortunately, my iPhone’s IOS version is 10.3.3 and Curve now needs a minimum of IOS 11.

This is normally no problem, as I get all my insurance benefits and lounge access without needing the app. But it seems that refunds are no longer refunded to you, but go to a suspense account that is similar to Curve Cash (but is seen as E-Money, unlike the normal rewards) - but I can’t switch cards to access these refunds.

Are there any plans for a web interface to switch cards, or a sweep of these refunds back to main card after a set period of time? I’d rather not have to choose between cancelling my Curve subscription or buying a new phone to replace my trusted iPhone 5C!


@Connie I’d keep an eye out and see if you can buy a cheap iPhone 6 or 6S online, I’ve seen some for around £45 on Ebay. You’ll probably encounter a lot more apps ending support on that device once iOS14 is released.

You have a 7 year old phone that still works? Congrats!


It is impressed how long cuve have worked on an unsupported phone

Buy an cheap android phone
Or maybe you can jailbreake your phone to some never software

You should take the advise, Time for an update

You can try to install Curve App on Android emulator on PC.

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Yeah. I agree. You should run AVD and emulate an android phone on your computer.

You can use your iPhone 5Cs number for any verification (although I believe Curve just use email as the 2FA)

the best solution to your problems is to contact those support
they can explain how to link the account to your card