Switching the default Visa Card in Google Pay

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when i first created my Curve account on my android phone i registered my VISA Card XX and set it as teh default Google Pay card. Now this card is deactivated and is not in use anymore. Now i have a new VISA Card YY and i want to set this card as the NEW defualt Google pay card. I didnt find a option to replace or switch default google pay cards in the curve app. Is the only option to completly delete the account and create a new one?


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The default GooglePay card needs to be selected in the GooglePay app. You can select your Curve card or any another GooglePay support card that you have added in GooglePay.

If you select your Curve card as the default card in GooglePay, GooglePay will use your Curve card by default, as underlying card the card will be used that is currently selected in your Curve app at the time you make a payment with GooglePay.


Add your new Visa to Google Pay and set it as default (in Google Pay) - that has nothing to do with Curve.
If you are using Curve card on Google Pay choose Curve card as default in Google Pay, and in Curve choose your default card (your new Visa).

I cant add my VISA card as a payment method in google pay since the provider (crypto.com) doesnt support google pay payment. Thats why i want to do it via curve card.
Since i already have a curve card which is linked to my old VISA card, i can not use a second curve card i guess. The only option is to delete/deactivate the current curve card and order a new one?

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No need to order a new Curve card. Just keep your current Curve card linked to GooglePay and add the Crypto.com card to your Curve wallet in the Curve app.

You can have more than one card in your Curve wallet. In the app you select the underlying card that you want to be charged for a specific payment.

So that means, if i remove my old VISA card from the “Wallet” and add the new VISA card, my old VISA card will not be charged when i pay with the curve card via Google Pay?

The VISA card which is active under “Wallet” will be charged when paying with the curve card right?

That’s right :+1:

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Assuming you mean with wallet, your Curve wallet, that is correct.
But there isn’t even a need to remove your old Visa card from the Curve app/wallet. Just add your CryptoCom Visa card. You can have multiple Visa/MasterCard/Diner cards in your Curve wallet. Only the underlying card, that is selected/active at the time of payment with your Curve card (via GooglePay), is charged.

Allright thanks alot guys <3

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