Taking cash in UK

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Today for the first time since I have curve ( blue) I wanted to take some cash and realised that I had no idea if I could ( I know I should have studied :wink: ). I was lucky to have my everyday card with me.
Now, I am wondering if I have daily limit to take British Pounds when I am in UK using my curve card (still applying the intrinsic limits of my underlined card).
On the app the ATM daily limit is 200, on the website is talking about 200£/month

Thank you

PS sorry if I have inserted the topic in the wrong section.

The daily ATM limit in the same currency as the underlying card is 200 a day. You can not withdraw more.

The free ATM limit in a different currency than your underlying card is 200 a month for Curve Blue. You can withdraw more, but you will be paying a fee.

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Great and efficient, as always!

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